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Xray Finalist @ Flash Forward for Technical Merit

Flash Forward Finalist Xray Logo

BLITZ’s Open Source Xray Project is a finalist at Flash Forward 06 Austin. Congrats to the Xray team, especially John Grden. If you are a Flash Developer and haven’t tried Xray you really should. Xray is a Flash “Snapshot Viewer” of the current state of your Flash Movie. What does this mean? It gives you the means to inspect every movie clip property, variable, sound, flv, asset or any other object at runtime. This makes debugging much easier and faster – runtime access to what the Flash Player is doing can be invaluable when loading remote data – or during times where you don’t see your assets on stage and you can’t tell if it isn’t loaded, blocked or masked by another asset.

Xray started as an internal proprietary project here at BLITZ as we had a big need to quickly debug experience sites in Flash. John Grden took it to a whole new level the moment he started hacking around with ASSetProp Flags. After a year of development BLITZ decided to open source the project and give it away to the Flash Community with the hopes it grows and gets even better.

Xray is comprised of a connector component and a standalone interface app. You drop the connector in the library of your base SWF (no need to have it on the stage) and it takes care of all communications with the interface app. You have several choices for the interface - a Web Based Flex 2 version, SWF only or a Projector. The v2 UI is Flex component based, and v1.x is Flash component based. There are plenty of options and choices depending on your preferences. For more information check out the Official Xray Site on and the articles posted on the BLITZ Labs Blog.

Flex 2 UI:
Xray UI v2 - done in Flex

Flash UI:
Xray UI v1 - done in Flash

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Ricardo Pereira February 14, 2007 at 8:12 am


Great team you have, and great projects you build.

Question about XRay.

It doesnt work unless export classes frame is 1.

It’s not very handy for me to export my projects classes to frame 1.

What am i doing wrong.

Sorry if this isnīt the place to ask for help…

Thank you