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Post image for CES 2013 Offers Marketers New Everyday Connections with Consumers
Post image for CES 2013 Offers Marketers New Everyday Connections with Consumers

CES 2013 Offers Marketers New Everyday Connections with Consumers

By Ivan Todorov, co-founder and CEO, BLITZ

The most exciting innovations at CES this year push the boundaries of connectivity in remarkable ways. Opportunities for more contextualization of content, personalization of experience and a greater ability to capture meaningful data, promise a quantum leap in ROI for marketers with expertise in experience design and analytics.

New display technologies and interfaces will allow us to contextualize content through seamless integration into everyday life. The ability to embed products directly into the digital ecosystem, and advances in augmented reality, print electronics and sensor technology are blurring the lines between the physical and digital world.

Below are a few examples of the contextualization, personalization and data capture innovations on display at CES that will offer incredible new interactions between brands and consumers:

  • Samsung’s Smart Window Technology: Samsung’s digital glass display, or “smart window” transforms from clear to opaque and enables real time data visualization of brand content on windows at homes, stores, and other environments, stretching the boundaries of experience design for content creators yet again.


  • Flexi/Bendable Screens and Projection Mapping: These innovations allow the connection of content to products and product environments like never before. Marketers can bring touch interaction to new environments with flexible/bendable screens that can live on curved surfaces, and almost any surface can be turned into a dynamic video display with projection mapping.

flexi screen flexi screen

  • Printed Electronics: Printed electronics (which “electrify” printable surfaces) blur the physical and digital worlds and will facilitate widespread flexible displays, smart packaging, smart labels and active clothing. Wireless connectivity takes this to another level – imagine your box of Wheaties giving you a personalized “good morning” message over breakfast. Can you spot the “lit up” areas of the products below?

Printed Electronics

  • IZGO “Ultra Retina” Display: 6.1 inches packed with 2560×1600 pixels (498 pixels per inch). Sharp’s low-power consumption, ultra high pixel density screens will revolutionize what we can do with the quality of text on digital reading devices such as watches, further expanding the possibilities for digital products. The screen you are reading this on simply cannot do justice of detail and picture quality, but try to imagine seeing all the detail of the cathedral below.

Ultra Retina

  • Sensors and Recognition Software: Innovations fromdata-tracking forks to facial recognition in automobiles will give rise to exceptionally personalized content delivery. Combined with the principles of gamification, you get everything from “exer-gaming” as in UnitedHealth’s Dance Dance Revolution Wireless Physical Education Classroom to the Fitbit FLEX, not to mention the iPotty (Google it for yourself!).



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