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Smashing Apps Puts BLITZ on Their List of Most Attractive Corporate Sites

Smashing Apps just released their list of the “Most Attractive Corporate Website Designs of Top Brands,” which mainly consisted of global enterprises—39 were listed in total.

Knowing the influence of the Internet on today’s consumers and decision makers within our industry, Smashing Apps believes the most useful and informative method for achieving a solid and long-lasting impression on customers is building a well-designed corporate Web site. In order to compile this highly selective list of “Most Attractive” site designs, each was critiqued on its layout, graphics, color palettes and other visual elements that affect aesthetic appeal, fluidity and overall usability.

BLITZ believes in pushing creativity and ingenuity to the limit so that each project is a reflection of innovative solutions that truly capture the attention of consumers. The purpose of is to inspire designers, developers and artists everywhere, and maintain a constant cycle of creative progress and originality.

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