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CommArts Magazine Talks to BLITZ About Emerging Media

Communication Arts, the leading trade journal and premiere source of inspiration for designers, directors, advertisers and other visual artists, has been bit by the BLITZ tech bug for its July / August issue. In “Web 3-D: Taking Sites to the X-Axis,” Joe Shepter discusses the growing importance of 3-D to the Web, specifically pointing out BLITZ’s innovative use of augmented reality (AR) for the John Mayer “Heartbreak Warfare” music video.

Our CCO, Ken Martin, is among one of three industry professionals interviewed in the article. According to Shepter, however, BLITZ is “the digital agency most rooted in 3-D technology,” due to our proven excellence in training (all designers are required to learn Cinema 4D), strategy, and effective utilization of existing and novel technology to approach Web media, as exemplified by our John Mayer project. As Ken puts it, “with 3-D you have to be really mindful that the juice is worth the squeeze… [because] when you get into heavier content, you have to justify the wait time.”

Considering the gamut of honors, awards and media mentions for our John Mayer video, it seems safe to say that this seamless 3-D Flash experience was worth the “wait time.” AR’s immersive environment not only connects Mayer with fans beyond listening to a track or watching a music video, but it also enables Mayer to transcend traditional marketing techniques and cross the separation of art and science.

Look for our article in the Emerging Media column on pages 26-29 of the July / August issue.

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