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If you’re anything like me, you despise filling out time cards. I’d rather slide down a slide of razor blades into a pool full of hydrochloric acid than fill out another time card! RescueTime to the rescue! RescueTime is by far the closest thing to perfection that I’ve seen for tracking your time spent... more

Photography by Cedric Delsaux of Star Wars characters in contemporary urban settings

Content is still king. When you lock your awesome content away you lose, your visitors lose, and Flash as a platform gets a bad rap: “stupid Flash interface.” All this can be avoided with some simple code that provides deep-linking to your great content. Our series of tubes is powered by a series... more

I had to wait to post this, since it would have probably just been passed over as some kind of joke if I posted it last week (April 1st). I wanted to experiment using the [ScriptableType] attribute of C# classes in Silverlight 2.0 and thought this would be a perfect test case. Here’s... more

Blogging Infographic posted a cool infographic that explains what exactly happens to your blog content once you click that Publish button.

Earlier this month BLITZ was invited to attend the Los Angeles PhizzPop Design Challenge hosted by Microsoft. The 5-day event started off with 2 days of fast paced Silverlight and Expression Blend tutorials. After the 2 days of intense training we were presented with a unique design challenge. Our task was to come... more


Following up on my previous post about creating your own findByTagName function, Jeff points out a missing feature in the 1.1 Silverlight plugin: the SaveFileDialog. Granted it’s still an unreleased product, but it can’t hurt to shine a little more light on this topic… cuz in the end, the developers win! There are also... more